Girls, cameras and a ginger cat

Cork Girls come to Glendalough

Who doesn’t like weekends?! I need to confess, weekends away are not something I would regularly do. Not because I don’t enjoy going away, but because I am simply too busy to even plan a non-working weekend. I read recently that we humans actually should schedule our “me” time. That’s quite logical, because I always have a feeling of guilt that there is so much to do and I just sit here and do nothing. Yeah… I think once my energy level started hitting the deepest bottom and I was just absolutely sick of everything, I came to the conclusion I just needed a break. I am so lucky to have such great and talented people around me, who, after throwing the weekend away idea, said yes! Denisa from Denisa Photo, Eliza from Eli-in-Photoland, Nathalie from Street Style and Smile and I travelled up to Glendalough. And our weekend was full of fun, great company & photography.


Glendalough National Park is a breathtaking place up in county Wicklow. And funny enough I’ve never been there or heard of this place despite living in Ireland for 11 years! Luckily, Denisa knows more about that area and came up with Glendalough as a proposition for our weekend away. And it was a big YES from all of us. We stayed in a lovely cottage very close to the National Park. The cottage itself had its own big garden and a great view on a river so, of course, we used it as one of our photoshoot locations.

It was definitely an exciting weekend of shooting, eating great food, relaxing and enjoying fantastic company. I think that shortly we will be due another weekend away with the girls. It’s very refreshing and giving you that creative boost that keeps your artistic side going for a while. Maybe we should organise something on a larger scale next time ;).

Ginger cat

And I cannot forget to mention this little fella. He was following us, while we were busy shooting around the cottage we stayed in. I am an absolute cat lover and couldn’t resist taking a few photos of this sweet wee creature 😀

If you ever feel like life is just too much and you are overwhelmed, just organise a weekend away with your girlfriends. Your sanity will appreciate it ;).

Lots of love <3

  • Thorsten
    April 11, 2017

    Sounds (and looks) like someone enjoyed their weekend away. When you’re in the right environment with the right people, it’s a great way to recharge those batteries!

    • Anna Groniecka
      April 11, 2017

      I agree 100% Thorsten! I’m planning another weekend away already. Before all the busy period starts in May 😀

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