DIY Painterly Canvas

Every so often, whenever there is too much going on in my life, I like to sit down and do something different to all the regular tasks. Between being a mother and a photographer, it is often not very easy to find time to rest and relax. Luckily, I really enjoy doing DIY projects, especially if they are photography related and if my kids can join in to help (whoop whoop, killing two birds with one stone :)).


I came across the idea of making a painting-like canvas on one of the Facebook groups. And because I love trying new things I decided to give it a go. I made it extra difficult from the start. Instead of ordering a proper canvas, I ordered a rolled one, which basically means I had to either find a framer, or make a frame myself (guess which option I chose ;)). Basically to make a canvas looking like a painting you need: a canvas (obviously), timber pieces (for a frame), paint brush & transparent gloss gel (I could not get this anywhere, and decided to try a sealant instead (MSP 106 invisible to be more precise).


Once all the timber pieces are measured to your needs, just cut them with Stanley saw (nah, you don’t have to use Stanley saw, any saw will do as long as it’s sharp), finish with sand paper and join the frame together. I used a heavy duty stapler and wood glue. Then take the canvas and stretch it on the frame.

The canvas is now ready for the painting part. This is the easiest and also the most creative part of the whole project. Take a paint brush and paint – as easy as that. Whatever you use, either a gloss gel or a sealant, just make sure it’s transparent as all you want is a texture, not a colour.


The idea is to make a canvas look like a painting. And it really does work nicely. I left the skin free of texture to give it more of a natural look, and covered the rest of the image with a sealant.

The canvas is still drying, but the result is clearly visible. It has that nice, painterly look and it’s really enjoyable to look at. I’m delighted with the result!

Canvas painting Ireland

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  • Grazyna
    March 11, 2017

    Aniu wspaniały efekt – portret na płótnie. Udało Ci się przekształcić piękną fotografię w piękny kawałek sztuki gotowej do ozdobienia ściany.
    Gratuluję !

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