5 questions to... Julie O'Sullivan Nicholson

Wedding Music by Jewel

Wedding Music by Jewel

Julie O’Sullivan Nicholson and John Cullinane, known as Jewel, have been performing together in a range of capacities for many years and are both well known in music circles around Cork. This very talented duo create unforgettable music that will take your breath away. I was lucky enough to interview Julie a couple of days ago and ask questions about her passion for music and her life as a mum and talented singer.

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Julie O’Sullivan Nicholson

So who is Julie? Julie O’Sullivan Nicholson is a vocalist & wedding music planner, hailing from Clonakilty in West Cork. A classically trained soprano, with a BABMus and H-Dip in education (music) from UCC, Julie is a very versatile vocalist, singing in many music genres including classical, jazz, and popular music. Julie is also a mum of two adorable girls, Molly and Romy. If you’d like to know more – keep reading!

A: When did you first start singing?

J: I can’t remember the exact moment, probably a question for my mum, but my earliest memories of singing were at the kitchen table, singing along to the Fields of Athenry on the radio and a song by Shakin Steven called Oh Julie. (Thrilled with myself, I thought the song was about me! Lol)

A: What kind of music do you listen to today?

J: I listen to everything and I go through phases of music obsession. Right now I’m loving the soundtrack to the movies SING and Trolls ( I have two little girls..go figure!). I have a soft spot for real oldy film music, songs from the silver screen and the old hollywood musicals, sung by the likes of Judy Garland & Doris Day. But I love classical music too, having studied so much of it in college. Maria Callas is amazing, live the film music of Ennio Morricone etc. I also love the timelessness of singers like Ella Fitzgerald & her songs. I listen to rock, pop, chart music and gotta have myself some some hillbilly bluegrass like the music from the soundtrack to O Brother Where Art Thou. You see, I jump around with my musical tastes, but I’m influenced by them all. You can probably hear that in the variety of stuff I sing.

A: Who are your musical inspirations?

J: Think some of that was just covered in my last answer but definitely in terms of inspiration from the past, Judy Garland, Doris Day, Julie Andrews & Whitney Houston was definitely present in my youth, Maria Callas & that blue Alien Diva from.the movie the  5th Element. Lol?.  But I draw inspiration from lots of modern day artists too & singer songwriters.

A: You are a mom of two beautiful girls, Molly and Romy, how do you find time to follow your passion in a mum’s busy life?

J: I’m writing the answers to these questions at 11pm, because during a normal weekday it all about the girls, so that might go some way to answering this question. Once the kids are in bed, I try spend some time on things like emails, updating FB, learning new songs etc. But for hands on wedding performances or showcases, my husband of course has the girls and if he’s busy, that’s where family comes in. I’m lucky and grateful for them.

A: If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

J: God, that’s a tough question to answer. I used to work a very busy demanding job in the hospitality and personnel training sector, travelling around the globe for a multinational company. Besides singing or music, it really was the dream job but not once I had kids I had to rethink everything, including, what it is I would do if I wasn’t singing. I mean, I have my HDip in Education, so secondary school teaching is always a possibility, but maybe vocal coaching or something like music therapy.  ?

Wedding Music by Jewel

Jewel – Julie O’Sullivan Nicholson & John Cullinane

I’d like to thank Julie for the interview. You’re a huge inspiration to many women out there, by proving it’s possible to be a mother, wife and still find time to follow your dreams and passion.
If you would like to hear Jewel just click here, close your eyes and enjoy the beautiful music <3

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  • Magdalena
    February 27, 2017

    I really liked a blog post about A singer Julie O’Sullivan Nicholson.Good article.From the reading it I would like to meet Julie in real life and listen her I m sure beautiful voice!???

    • Anna Groniecka
      February 27, 2017

      Thank you for your comment Magda :). Oh, Julie is just breathtaking. I take every opportunity to listen to her singing. If I will hear about Julie performing anywhere, I will let you know xxx

  • Thorsten
    February 27, 2017

    I always enjoy reading these blog posts of yours and I really like the “5 questions…” format. Makes a nice change from the regular blog post format (not that there is anything wrong with that though). Looking forward to the next one already. 🙂

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