Tomasz & Patrycja’s Wedding in Poland


Great photos, I really like this wedding session! Looking through these photos I felt like I was attending the ceremony.
The photographs are very natural… preparations for the wedding, the church, reception beautifully immortalized in the pictures, reflect the mood, as well as the excitement and uniqueness of the day. Beautifully shown atmosphere of the ceremony and all the little details.
It is wonderful that in addition to precious memories, you can have a beautiful souvenir in the form of photography, because your Wedding Day is one of the most beautiful, special and unique days of your life.
I know that for Patrycja and Tomasz there was also an outdoor session in the sea and with lovely beach scenery, and also that there was an elegant album, therefore, I am looking forward to the continuation of this wonderful session.

Anna Groniecka

Thank you so much for your kind words <3


Wonderful work as always,I’ve the atmosphere and light in these, just gorgeous!

Anna Groniecka

Thank you so much, I appreciate it. Always trying to do my best <3


WOW! Technically flawless, but more importantly, creatively brilliant. Fantastic work! Looks like it was a great wedding to be at.

Anna Groniecka

It was one amazing wedding alright 🙂 A lot of fun, the couple was just so relaxed and sweet. Nothing more to dream of <3

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